Wednesday, June 29, 2016

So what will you say to Jesus?

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Psalm 23

There probably isn't a more popular or wonderful passage in the entire Bible than the
twenty-third Psalm. It was familiar to me during all those years of not knowing God because
it was so often used at funerals, even for those who were not true Christians. It is
comforting and powerful.
The 4th verse, above, is part of the section that, written by David the Shepherd King,
could be applied to a shepherd caring in the fields for his sheep. There are many dangers
out there for shepherds who care about protecting their flock. We, of course, take these
wonderful verses as the Great Shepherd caring for His sheep, His church, the ones who
recognize His name and voice.
So if we look upon these verses as those predicting and describing the journey everyone
of us will take away from this corporal world into a spiritual encounter, initially, 
it would seem that we will not be crossing that divide alone. Our Lord
Jesus Christ will be walking with us, hand in hand, and we will, at last, be able to see
Him and, yes, talk with Him.
While we talk with Him many times each day in prayer, most likely He hasn't answered
us on a verbal plane. WE do not really recognize what He looks like or what His voice
sounds like. Will He be like His description in the Bible, one who is not distinguishable in
looks from those around Him. What will His wonderful voice actually sound like as we
walk with Him?
Finally, to my point. What will you say to Him? Let's assume for a moment, that you
actually can speak, perhaps after the initial realization of where you are and what is happening. After all these years, after all His grace, after His sacrifice which made it
possible to enter into God's family as an adopted child, what would be the first words
to come out of your mouth.
This blog isn't about to suggest anything; it is here to implore you to give consideration
to how you will respond to what this King of the very Universe has done for you.
First, make it a given that you will take this journey with Him. Have assurance that you
are, indeed, forgiven your sins and reconciled with God. Then ponder how you will verablize
to Him what it means to be His.
Awesome, eh? So what's your plan?

Praise our God!~