Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mr. " " tear down that wall!

It was by faith that the people of Israel marched around Jericho for seven days, and the walls came crashing down.

The Republican presumptive nominee, and it's hard to even type this, Mr. Trump, plans
to build a wall on the southern border of the US. I, frankly, do not expect this to happen
even if Mr. Trump manages to win in November.
Many walls have been built and destroyed in history. I think of the Great Wall of China, 
beautiful in photographs, and built, I am sure for military purposes. The walls of
Jericho brought down in strange fashion and, of course, the Berlin Wall which was
destroyed during Mr. Reagan's Presidency.

But none of these walls, however high, long or impractical, can compare to the
personal walls that man builds to separate himself from his creator, God the Father.
When the light of God's grace-filled message of reconciliation is brought into a discussion,
one can almost hear the construction equipment start to work. This wall building,
encouraged by our culture and the work of the Prince of the Air, hardens the heart
and effectively walls off  any chances for the redeeming message to reach into the
darkness and bring light and life. Defense mechanisms immediately surface,
and one can imagine hands covering the ears and a series of ."na,na,na,na's"
emanating from the wall builder.

Now this is not an easy wall to dismantle. No sledge hammer approach is going
to result in an opening in this wall. The heels are dug in, the listening apparatus
has closed down, and the excuses begin to flow like lava.

One problem is lack of understanding and knowledge, but the bigger issue
is a refusal to even consider surrender to a higher power, one who knows us
completely and who is sovereign in the events of our lives. People want to drive
the car. They want to work things out on their own and they do not want even this
glorious Creator interfering in their lives. 

So we have to chip carefully, here. We need to be humble and accepting of the
fact that the wall is there and seek to erode its strength through compassion mixed
with the truth. It may take a number of chips, but if this wall builder is important
in your life, eternity is in the balance. PLUS, the Holy Spirit Of God is there
with you. having tools we cannot even imagine to help erode the blockage.

It's our commission. It's the call of Jesus. No wall can stand against the
power and love of this Lord and King.

Praise our God.