Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The REAL Domino Theory

Once again, I find myself reading Alistair Begg; this time his book entitled What Angels
Wish they Knew has my attention. If you have never read Alistair or listened to one
of his sermons or radio shows, you are in for a spiritual treat! 

In the book he mentions Aquinas's "Five Ways," five arguments suggesting that a
belief in God is consistent with the world as we know it. One of the ways talks about the
fact that everywhere in this world things are moving.

Let me digress a moment and mention the Domino Theory, as it pertains to my own
life story. I was of the age of conscription right in the middle of the Vietnam war. I'll
end the suspense by saying that circumstances led to my not being a participant. The
reason behind our involvement in that conflict was the perception held by some that
losing Vietnam to communism would simply begin or continue the fall of other nations,
almost like dominoes falling, one after another. After a grotesque number of deaths and
casualties, we left, defeated, and the whole theory proved to be unsubstantiated.

As Aquinas states, everything in this world is in motion. Electrons revolving about the
cell nuclei, rivers and streams, the tides and winds, our planet's rotation, the solar system
and galactic movement... I could go on and on.

We have all probably set up or at least witnessed a long long line of dominoes standing
upright at just the right spacing to allow for a total avalanche once the very first domino
is set in motion. 

Here's the point. Without someone to begin that first nudge of domino number one, there
is no 'cool' domino destruction. They don't just decide, on their own, to self destruct, even if
there are a bunch of folks waiting for it to happen....

You can make the jump here. Without someone, a very powerful, omnipotent someone to
begin all of the movement we see around us in this fascinating universe, well... nothing would
be moving. 

Now I've come along way in my ability to believe, by faith, in the God I love. But I will go
ahead and admit that ideas like this make me smile. He's there. You and I know it and
nothing could be more fundamentally important to our souls' well-being.

Praise God!  (Alistair, too!)