Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You Need To Come To Your Senses!

Always have fun with the titles. I am really thanking our Holy God for our senses
and the world we live in, broken but beautiful. He created a way for us to experience
this world through the senses and I love to use them thankfully!

Just love to look at the sky, always have. Sunsets and sunrises, cloud formations
and reflections, rainbows, I could go on and on. WE have "Big Skies" here in Texas,
partly because the trees are so short..seems, sometimes, like you can see forever!

Oh gosh, the list is so long. the smell of leaves fallen from the trees, something cooking
in the oven when hungry, pine and fir trees in the forest, the air just before a rain. 
Pipe tobacco...don't smoke it but love to sniff it! A fire in the fireplace.

I like the birds early in the morning just before dawn. The sounds of rain or the wind
blowing through the trees. I like to put my ear on my cat's side and listen to her purr!
Laughter. Silence.. now that's a wonderful sound, sometimes! Good classical music. A
fire in the fireplace.

Might just be my favorite, which has caused some trouble along the way. Pizza!
A banana split with three flavors of ice cream and three toppings. Salt. A root beer
float. A good spicy chili. Tea or coffee just poured into the cup.

Hugs. Kisses. Things that are very soft (my feminine side). Babies. 

Common Sense
So here's another point. We do live in this broken, beautiful world, created by our
Father in Heaven. While we are appreciating and thanking Him for the beauty we
find, here, we should also be opening ourselves to His voice. He speaks to us through
His word, through the natural things that we observe. He speaks quietly and wishes
us to hush and listen for Him. We are not in charge; He is. We are dependent upon
His sustaining grace and blessed by His gospel. We are loved and should return that
through praise and love for our God and King. Praise Him! It's a totally sensible
thing to do!!!