Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I give you, Maestro Jehovah

Always thought conductors were just silly people waving wands in the air with their
musicians pretty much ignoring them; sort of crowd pleasers, if you will. Well, thanks
to my wonderful son-in-law, and looking at the whole thing outside of the cartoon of Bugs
Bunny conducting, I have a new-found appreciation for what these wand-wavers do!

Turns out that the orchestra musicians actually are very much tuned in to the movements
of both the baton and the maestro's body language, and music is placed so that they
can see both music and conductor simultaneously. Pretty cool. Helps, I understand, to
have a big-name orchestra leader because it adds to the fame of the orchestra and, hopefully,
to the quality of the music.

So, now I would like to present, humbly, the ultimate maestro, Jehovah, my God, who
is the grand conductor of them all! He, in His glorious sovereignty, is in charge of all the
unique and complicated movements that allow this universe that He created to function!
Truly amazing!

Well, I would just like to use my bloggish creativity to wonder what it would be like for
God to create a musical score to the Bible; that's right, music to mirror and teach the story
of Jesus Christ, which, as you know, is what the books of the Bible accomplish.

Can you imagine the first magnificent chord? The orchestra completes their tune-ups,
followed by silence, and then the Conductor raises His wand and WOW! I'm not one to
give much credence to "The Big  Bang," but it works to imagine a magnificent beginning
to this Whole Symphony. 

How about the crossing of the Red Sea? The musical accompaniment to the walls of water
suddenly rising up and then crashing down upon the hapless Egyptians. 

The calming of the waters of the Sea of Galilee; Jesus changing the raging elements into
sheer calm, picture that musically.

How about the back-and-forth of the rulers of Israel; one good king followed by one really
evil one. Back and forth, back and forth.

Then there is the birth of the Son of God with some beautiful melodies. The many
miraculous moments of His three-year walk, the tragedy of His Crucifixion. the glory
of His Resurrection and His Ascension!  Wow! 

I could go on; but, here is the part we all are waiting for...the Finale. The return on
clouds of Glory of the triumphant King,  Jesus Christ. I hear a crescendo, growing
in strength and then, the final, unimaginably beautiful final grouping of sound. The
maestro now turns, amid Bravos and Joyous Hallelujah to receive the appreciation of
all His saints. Well done, Jehovah! Very Well Done!

Praise God Almighty!
Happy Thanksgiving!