Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Most Excellent Christmas Present

What would I really like this Christmas? That's quite easy, actually. I would like for someone who reads, or has read, any of my blog entries to reach out to God and accept the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. One person who responds to the woos of the Holy, Majestic God of the universe and turns his or her life over to He who created them; that would be glorious.

A lot of folks choose to deny God. It's different, I believe, than not being aware of God, although I have argued that all of His creation is indwelled  by the knowledge that there is a God by the fact that they are created in his image. A great metaphor was shared by R.C.Sproul Jr. in a talk at this year's Ligonier Ministry Conference, when he spoke of denial of God as people covering their ears and yelling, "La, la, la...I can't hear you!" God, after all, has given us free will; we're are not part of a puppet show.  But he has also given us ample evidence in this world around us, His word as written down and in His Holy Book and, what
I call the little nudges that, if we are listening carefully and fully aware, are happening
during our lives that point unmistakably to the presence and participation of God in our

Those who deny God may be people who are unaware, dangerously, that all will be
called before a Holy God and judged, their entire lives brought forth and compared to
the Holiness of God. The chances of being accepted by this kind of Holy God based upon
the sinful lives we lead each and every day, are zero. Not going to happen! Yet God,
in his wisdom and loving-kindness has provided a ransom. This ransom was paid by
the very Jesus whose birth we celebrate at Christmas time; the most wonderful,
glorious gift ever given to mankind. Through His ministry, His walk, His death
upon the cross, His resurrection and eventual Ascension to the right hand of God
to intercede on behalf of those who have given their lives over to believe and trust
in Him, we have been given the chance to stand before this God of Holiness justified,
forgiven of all sins and accepted as His adopted children.

So, that's a gift I would cherish. Wouldn't even mind if several folks ended up giving me
the same gift. No return policy needed. It will already be wrapped in the most glorious
gift wrap ever created... the glorious light of Jesus Christ. 

Praise God for the birth of his precious son, the lamb who takes away the sins of the