Friday, November 15, 2013

We have to be reminded to remember!

It is my belief that deep within us is the knowledge of God's existence. I have called it
the God spot; yet the concept is certainly not mine. Add to this inner knowledge the fact that
we deeply wish to have a relationship with God. Agnostics and Atheists alike, in my
opinion, are just fooling themselves, or trying to fool us. The search for meaning in
our lives and answers about why we even exist, all point back to that realization that we
are creations of God.

So how does all that apply to the Christmas mess? Have you noticed that Christmas is
upon us? It's in the stores, on the tele, on Al Gore's internet, in the mail...  Halloween ended
and, "boom," Christmas materialized. Tiz the season, but what's the reason? I spent
several day-after Thanksgiving mornings going into work at 4am so that the shoppers who
lined up for gifts after midnight would have breakfast options. Those were folks standing
in line for Kiss Me Elmo's or Cabbage Patch Kids or Beanie Babies, etc. 

Joy to the World, the Lord is Come..

It is a season for joy, yet statistics suggest that it is also a season when depression and
angst show up, big time. There are financial pressures, there are the pressures of preparing
for family, etc. But I believe that there is something missing in all this Christmas hustle and
bustle: Jesus Christ. 

We need to be reminded to remember that this is not Tiny Tim's Christmas. not the Grinch's
Christmas, not Santa Claus's Christmas.. it's Christ's Christmas. 

Had you visited me any time in the first 60 years of my life during the holiday season, you
would have seen the traditional secular items. There would have been some decorations,
presents under the tree (with the star, on top, of course), Christmas carols in the air...maybe
even a cute manger scene. What there would not have been is the underlying recognition that the greatest gift ever given to anyone, at any time, for any reason
was the real reason for celebration... the glorious birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I was in need of a reminder to remember. 

So do we wring our hands, gnash our teeth and shake our heads over this secularization
and materialization of Christmas? No, I'd rather we take that energy and reach out
to remind those around us to remember the real reason for Christmas joy. One person
at a time; one heart at a time.

Let Earth receive her King!  Her King, indeed. Something we should remember and
rejoice over Every Single Day! Praise God!