Thursday, August 4, 2016

What a glorious six days....

It must have been. Out of nothing: creation. Amazing is our God!

I have a daughter who paints and draws. This gift from God was there almost from the beginning. She could, and can, look at a blank pierce of paper and imagine the finished product. She sees the world quite differently than myself, who cannot draw a straight line with a ruler. She, in the image of God, is a creator.

But that all pales when compared to what occurred when God spoke things into being and His Son made them so. Just imagine nothing. In an instant, the power of creation was initiated and the universe was. Scientists spend time searching for the beginning, seeking to understand where and when this was. They simply aren't equipped to even understand the immense creative power that was unleashed when things began. Search as they might, they will not have those answers, at least in this lifetime.

I have to believe that there was tremendous joy associated with this process. God saw it and called it 'Good." The beauty of what was created, in some degree, exists today, and declares the power and majesty of the God who created it. Imagine creating the myriad of plants and animals, the stars in the heavens, the processes that govern existence and make things sustainable. I believe God must have smiled a lot.

When He created human beings, His plan from the beginning was to dwell with them and have them worship Him. Well things went awry. This did not catch God by surprise for a plan was already in place to redeem, to judge, to make right for all eternity this creation so glorious. From everlasting to everlasting, God was to become incarnate and enter into our time-space to spread light, love and a plan for our salvation, a plan to forgive and redeem the pinnacle of His creative genius.

Wouldn't it be glorious if we, someday, would be able to see, from the darkness of nothing, creation exploding from day one to day six. I am convinced that we will have that chance, and that we will be in awe of what took place. I am also convinced that, within those six days, He created a place more wonderful and amazing than any of is can even imagine. A place that we will see if we have accepted Jesus into our hearts, for only in Him can real peace ever be found.

He is The Creator. He is the almighty God of the universe. He loves and cares for His creation... including you!

Praise our God!