Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Let there be light.. again and again!

Genesis 1:3
....And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light!

We all, most likely, have been in a situation wherein there was total darkness. Visiting the Ohio Caverns, back home, many many feet underground, the guide would always take a moment and turn off all the cavern lights. Total darkness. Waving one's hand directly in front of the face would not have been seen! It was a really creepy experience, even after having it happen several times.

Well, out of TOTAL darkness, the God of creation spoke light into existence. Can you imagine the brightness that must have been there? There is no irony in the fact that this light was the very beginning of God's creative energies because God is light. His essence is glory; a light that shines out of purity, holiness and good. 

Well, He wasn't done, was He? It came as no surprise to God that mankind could and did not live up to the expectations set forth by a loving God. The immediate inability to resist temptation literally ruined everything, including our world and man's relationship with a God that, all along, wished to commune with His creatures and be their God. There was darkness, thereafter, in the hearts of men and darkness in their relationship to One who is light, personified.

Out of this darkness, God understood the need for 'light' to enter the world in the form of, yes, God Himself. His purpose in coming into our existence was to share His plan for redemption and to self-sacrifice for those who were lost and covered in darkness. His death on the cross defeated the powers of darkness, death, itself, and opened the door for light to literally enter the hearts of those He planned to regenerate.

Light into darkness. Total darkness. Life from Spiritual death. Eternal salvation and life from certain judgment and damnation. When He reaches out and beckons, we must accept the gift of grace and, from our knees, call on the Lord Jesus Christ to save us. The result: total forgiveness once for all. The promise of life with God in the new heaven and new earth. An end to the darkness that constantly creates a battle for our very souls.

Let there be light. Let there be LIGHT!

Praise our God!