Sunday, August 7, 2016

The heavenly dimension

Where is Heaven? To my knowledge, no one has gone up into space or looked through even the most powerful telescope and seen Heaven. We all seem to picture it as UP, but where is this UP?

Stephen's vision of an opening and sight of Jesus standing at the court of God, along with some of the prophetic visions in the Old Testament are the extent of our 'glimpses' into the whereabouts of Heaven. Clearly, it just isn't anywhere where we can see it. Any believing Christian has faith that such a place exists, that it is inhabited by the saints and the Lord Jesus Christ and that a new Heaven and a new earth are to be revealed at the very end of the age.

Along with this mystery is the realization that when we lose loved ones, they cannot communicate with us any longer. This is a sudden and sad reality. We do have the blessing of serving and worshiping a God who does, in fact, communicate with us through various ways. Since He reigns in Heaven, it is obvious that this place of His residence is not so distant as to prevent Him from being involved with His creatures and creation.

I am not a physics scholar. The only thing I can clearly remember about my physics class is the girl that sat beside me. Yet I feel relatively certain that there are mysterious multiple dimensions to this universe, some of which are just not visible to us in our space-time
continuum. In other words, I believe that Heaven is indeed UP there, we just cannot see it.

I believe that it is a measure of God's wisdom that we cannot see this place or speak to those who have preceded us there. Does this mean that those saints and loved ones are unaware of us back on Terra Firma? not necessarily.

To have a glimpse of what is in store might very well be so wonderful as to make us over-anxious to be there. It is probably physically impossible for our loved ones to speak across this dimensional divide. We just have to have faith and be patient.

God is the master Creator. This is His universe and it works through His principles and processes. We are here for a limited time and then we all, all humans, face one of tow destinations. I give you the Great Commission. The destination we encounter will be permanent and eternal. Make sure, please, that you are right with the Gospel and with God. Your very soul depends upon it.

Praise our God!!!