Monday, February 8, 2016

Out of sight, out of mind, out of luck!

It is far too easy to live in this upside-down world on a day to day basis and completely
ignore the God of the universe. I should know, I did it for over sixty years! Had God
not sought me, wooed me, tapped me on the shoulder silently, I would be walking
that way, still.

God has built into each of us the knowledge that He exists; His presence is shouted
out by His creation. He has also placed within each of His creatures, a sense that He
exists through our conscience and out innate ability to discern right from wrong. I
would add that each of us has a spot within where God is meant to reside. That
residence is not automatic; that spot can be left empty.

So how can it possibly be that we could ignore His existence and live in this
world without Him? It is called sin. It is called pride. It is wanting to be in charge
of this life that we owe completely to the one who formed us in the womb. It
is called satan. It is the reality that each of us is the object of a cosmic battle, even
though it is clear that we have been pre-chosen to love and worship our God
from before time even began. Satan does not give up; he is a sore loser and nothing
could make him happier than our turning away from God.

Well, I ran my own ship for quite awhile. I made a royal hash of things, and yet
in the deepest moments of despair, there was always some energy or love that
pulled me up, pulled me back onto my own feet waiting for me to acknowledge
that I needed God in my life... in His life for me.

We see ourselves as self-sufficient; if we just work hard enough, we can fix
things. No we cannot. All  the temporal and temporary things that we stow
up in this life will disappear: money, family, prestige, health....  We
need to realize that what truly matters is our recognition that God is our
Father, loves us and wants us to be a part of His family.

The clock is ticking. We do not have forever to wake up, open our eyes
and hearts and call to Him from our knees. In the end, there are only
two conclusions. One is life with God and the other is a nightmare beyond
anything we can imagine.

He awaits. Call to Him. Love Him with all your heart and strength.. today.