Friday, February 19, 2016

All things Hold Together...through Christ Jesus

Colossians 1: 17
17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

I listened, this morning, to a wonderful old sermon by Alistair Begg from March of
1984 about Colossians 1: 15- 20.  It is so funny to hear his voice and the changes that
have subtly taken place to now; yet, the message about this amazing set of verses is
both timeless and profound.

The very God that created all things, the very Son of God, the God-Man who
took on flesh and came into our world, the Savior of both man and creation, itself,
is He who holds all of it together. Science is full of statements about the tenuous
state of our planet; the amazing things which have to be true for it to exist as it does.
Science is full of statements about the amazing fact that our bodies must be
working on a myriad of levels, in conjunction with one another, for us to even
get out of bed in the morning. Science is full of theories about the size and nature
of a universe that cannot be defined and presents wondrous possibilities for
conjecture. Yet science is not willing, in most cases, to look at the obvious answer:
Jesus Christ holds all things together.

We need not speak of the world around us; we can just consider our own 'holding
together' in a world that is not what it was created to be. How do we hold ourselves
together, our families together, our relationships together? Try as we may to
fix things, order things, run things; the answer remains the same, Jesus is He who
holds all things together. A relationship where we are a part of Christ, filled with
the Holy Spirit of God and in the process of being changed into someone who
will not only see Christ but be like Him, is the foundation upon which we can
give all things to Him who holds things together.

He created and it was good. Sin, through man, came into that world and 
fouled His creation. Yet He will return in glory and commence the New Creation.
the new Heaven and the New Earth where we, who have been saved through
grace by faith, will be citizens. God will accomplish these things and Christ will
continue to Hold All Things Together!

Praise our God!