Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's ALIVE!!!

I assume that you are expecting a commentary on a scene from Young Frankenstein, where amid bolts of lightening, a bolt-headed creature arises from the operating table of Dr.
Frankenstein much to the pleasure of Igor and the good doctor.

But no. This is about something else that is very much alive. It looks like any other
book, comes in many different styles and even different translations. It is the Holy Bible,
the word of God. I am sure that there is one or more in your possession and I pray
that you spend much time reading form it. But there are almost mystical qualities
to this book that are easy to miss but extremely important.

The Bible is interactive. As you read this book, it is reading you! It is aware of
your personality and your life and it seeks to bring its message to you in a way that
improves the possibility that you will come away from the words with the understanding
of the most important person to ever walk this earth, Jesus Christ.

The very Spirit of God is He who brings meaning and understanding to you as
you read the story of God's creation, the fall, the remedy provided by a God who
loves His creatures and the very creation He brought into being. There comes an
almost magical moment when you realize that these word are God's words, they
are true and inerrant and that the book ties together in a most amazing way. It
is the story of God tabernacling with His people for the express purpose of
providing a way to bridge the gap created by sin.

The book amazes me because with each reading, new things become clear and
precious stories and lessons on life jump out at you. But the core idea of this
book sent from God, Himself, is to provide a picture of the very Lord of the
Universe, God of creation and Shepherd for all of His precious sheep.

It IS ALIVE. It should be a daily goal to be in the book and to reap the
benefits of its message of hope and love!

Praise God!