Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Whole Truth....and nothing but...

'I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down the cherry tree'

That was part of American history back in the days when I learned and
re-learned it. Turns out, George Washington never said it and never did it.
It was an urban legend, a fabrication, a stretching of the truth: a lie! 

We all lie. Sometimes we find reason to try and justify it, but when all
is said and done, a lie is a lie, big or small. It starts early, and if not nipped
in the bud, can become a habitual problem to the point that we may begin to
be unable to tell a lie from the truth!

But there is One that does not lie. He is Holy and telling falsehoods is
absolutely in opposition to who he is: He is God. He cannot not tell the truth!
So when it comes to coming to grips with our spiritual path, it provides
complete assurance to realize that what God has said is what God will do.
He is a promise keeper, a covenant builder. 

Oh it's easy to make promises. It's a different thing when we are called upon
to fulfill them. There are many promises in scripture and many of them
point to the eventual culmination to life on a troubled, broken earth. If
one is to believe the Bible, Jesus Christ will return at a time that has been
chosen by God, Himself. This Jesus Christ will arrive in a very noticeable
fashion, so apparent that all alive on earth will hear and see Him. This will
not be the suffering servant. he has made the sacrifice, been given authority
over the entire universe and is coming again to judge the world. This is
Jesus the conquering King. He will, thus, usher in the new world cleansed
of sin and death.

How can we know all this? Well, because God has revealed it to mankind
through the Bible and prophecy. From the Garden of Eden, through
the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and on into the writings of the
apostles, the story of redemption has been unfolded. It has been promised
by One who cannot lie, whose plan will be completed, whose word is

Can you believe it? Yes. Should you believe it? Oh Yes. If you haven't done
so, take to your knees, ask for forgiveness and a Savior, repent and get
ready, for He will come when not expected at a time that is only known by
the One who tells no lies.

Praise our God!