Friday, September 4, 2015

From one to three trillion!

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. Psalm 139

The journey from conception to birth is so very mysterious; yet, when that baby
or grand-baby arrives, it all seems so natural, so normal. I am enjoying the
precious little baby Ellen Grace who is rapidly approaching seven months of life
outside the womb. She is, of course, still being 'knit' and 'fashioned' by the very
God of the universe, in whose care she will remain, blessed by two wonderful
parents who love her!

At conception, all of us spend about thirty minutes as ONE cell, a zygote. Getting
to that moment of conception is not a simple process as many would-be parents
can attest. When it happens, and thirty minutes elapse, the wondrous process
of cell division and multiplication begin. God, Himself, takes over and even with
the help of pre-natal evaluations and care for the mother, it is He who sees to it
that things are progressing.

Then, after the promised pain of child birth, if all goes well, a baby is born with
toes, fingers and all the other noticeable parts. It is joy; there is no other word, and
relief and time for big changes. A big change that has preceded this birth moment
is the maturation and differentiation of cells in this new life. Three trillion cells
are at work in harmony and cooperation as that precious baby cries and begins
the hopefully long life that lies ahead.

Did you catch the math, here? One becomes three trillion! There are some who
would refuse to call this a miracle. In my mind, they are wrong. I believe that
if all realized the miraculous process that brought baby Ellen Grace into this world,
realized that a loving, sovereign God was hard at work, perhaps, just perhaps,
abortions would come to a halt. They need to come to a halt. Holding that
small, precious new life, makes the thought of abortion abhorrent and
so sinful. Erasing God's craft, His work, His love....NO WAY! One to three
trillion...enough said.

Praise God!