Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Einstein and Simpson

I am constantly wondering about things...things related to God, His creation and
His plan for salvation. I want to know why? 

Why did God pluck me from the realm of blindness and non-awareness and fill
me, slowly but carefully, with the desire to belong to Jesus?

Why is my name in the Book of Life while other names are not?

Where was I before I was conceived?

What and how does God wish to use me to His glory?

How can atonement be limited? Why would the Christ die for some and not
for others?

(I guess I added to the 'why's')

How can God be omnipresent and omniscient all of the time? That's a whole
lot of omni!

Will I meet my Lord Jesus moments after I die? What will this glorious
being look like? What can I possibly say in that moment?

I could go on..I believe you get the point. There are a lot of unanswered
questions floating around in my mind. I am not so much troubles by that
reality as much as just very very interested.

God has chosen to reveal what we need to know, He is not
bound by my curiosity to provide answers for what He has chosen not
to reveal. Furthermore, it would be a lot like Albert talking with Homer.
I am not so sure that I could ever be capable of comprehending what God
would say to me. Plus, I may really never need to understand anything
more than the fact that God is in charge, sufficient for my care and future
and I can live, comfortably, with that!

Praise God!