Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Oh how glorious to be known!

I am about to do things backwards by stating my conclusion, first. I am known.
I am thoroughly and completely known, inside and out, by the very Creator of the
universe. He doesn't need to look me up in His Book of Life because He knows
everything about His created.

When we consider who really knows us, in reality, none do. Our closest friends, siblings,
parents, church friends, teachers, those on Facebook... none of these really,
deep-down knows who we truly are. We reveal parts of who we are through words,
deeds and interactions, yet those revelations are guarded by what we choose to

I will go a step further and say and admit that I do not truly know myself. I am
capable of saying and doing things that can leave me shaking my head wondering
how I could do them. I am under sin, and despite my best efforts, not what I
was intended to be.

God knows me completely! There is no hiding of things from Him. There is no
controlling His knowledge of my thoughts and actions because it is He who
has known me from before I was born. The events of my life are laid out before
Him as pages in a book. He knew me in the womb and He knows that hour of
my final breath.... and everything in between.

Do I, in turn, know Him? Bits and pieces that He has chosen to reveal
through His creation, His words from His holy book and through His precious
spirit that lives within me. I could not grasp Him completely. I could not
understand His ways; yet, there will come a moment when I leave this alien
world and return home to Him. Then I will know all the answers to my
questions. All it will take is a look into His eyes. Then I will know Him
who has forever known me.

My Father, my Creator, my God.

Are you known? No limited atonement, here. He is waiting for your call!
Do it now.