Monday, November 24, 2014

A Thanksgiving Challenge

Everywhere I Go, I see you!

Whenever I need a boost in spirits or just want to enjoy some great music, I listen
to Rich Mullins. Now this is someone who I want to immediately look up when I
get to Heaven and just give a big hug. His was a rather fascinating and all-to-short
life that reflected love of God through the gifts of music.

And the eagle flies and the rivers run
I look thru the night
And I can see the rising sun
And everywhere I go I see You

It's a haunting song captured by C S Lewis's quote...

'We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade, the presence of God. The
world is crowded with Him. He walks everywhere incognito.'

Scripture assures us that God has revealed Himself through His creation. It
has been corrupted by sin; yet, it remains a reflection of Him if we just
choose to be aware.

Here's a challenge for you. Begin a day purposely looking, intently, for God.
It's an exercise in noticing and awareness. Look at what is around you, listen,
watch, search, wait quietly. Make a list as you make your day's journey. See
peripherally, listen acutely, gather in what is there of the Creator. You may
be shocked to learn that He isn't hidden at all; He is everywhere.

Omnipresence is such a strange concept to consider. I even find Skype a bit
unnerving because it seems that you are right there with those who are Skyping.
God doesn't need to Skype. He is living within His creation, actively, aware of
those He has chosen, those He is wooing and busy sustaining creation. Without
his presence we would not survive.

So become aware of Him. Seek Him within His creation and His created. Listen
to His masterful work. Wait for the return of the King, Christ Jesus.