Friday, September 12, 2014

Why did you come, Lord Jesus?

He came to do the will of His Father.
He came to be the final word, the final prophet of God.
He came to save sinners.
He came as a representative of man.
He came to tabernacle among us.
He came to remove the veil, to open to all who
   would believe, access to the Living God.
He came to know the true suffering and dilemma of mankind.
He came to serve as a servant.
He came to heal the sick.
He came to share the Good News of the gospel of forgiveness.
He came to fulfill the prophets.
He came to accomplish the Law.
He came to be the scapegoat.
He came to make God known to us.
He came to do what He agreed in the covenant of the God-head.
He came to be the light against the darkness.
He came to defeat death.
He came to offer hope, meaning and fullness of life.
He came to pay the debt of the sins of mankind.
He came to exchange His righteousness for our sins.
He came to live among the sinners.

He came willingly.
He came to die a brutal death, abandoned and reviled.
He came as God and man, fully each.

He will come again to judge the world and to call His
   flock to Himself, King of all creation for evermore!

   Come Jesus, come.
Praise God!