Monday, September 8, 2014

Cherish that inferiority complex!

I will never forget the pastor at the small Texas church that I attend
saying that self-esteem was not important; Jesus esteem was preferred
and needed. Well this flew right in the face of what I had centered my entire teaching
career around- the need to help all students believe in their ability to
learn and be successful.
   To be reborn into the life that gets turned upside down when Jesus
becomes Lord, one must become lesser, a servant, dependent, willing
to not be primary, first, me-centered. Let me tell you about me becomes let me tell you about Him. How can I get ahead becomes how can I do what brings glory to God. Rather than strive for the recognition, one seeks to give Praise for blessings given.
You see, when Christ turns a life upside down, He is taking a
life which was already inverted beyond recognition and righting
the ship, so to speak.
   John the Baptist made it clear to those who traveled into the
desert that he was not a prophet, not the messiah. He was
not even worthy to touch the sandals of the One who was to
come. Well, we are all John the Baptist when we consider the
person of the God/ man, Christ Jesus. We are unworthy
of the grace that He has proclaimed because He, who created
everything that was ever created, came willingly to die for our
   Consider the image of this incarnate God kneeling before His
disciples cleaning their feet. Serving them. Kneeling before them.
Loving them.
   Cherish being inferior. It is what we are; yet, we are not
unimportant! We are His beloved sheep and He will love us
into eternity!
Praise God!