Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Precious Savior...from what have I been saved?

sav·ior   (Definition)
noun: saviour; plural noun: saviours; noun: savior; plural noun: saviors
  1. a person who saves someone or something (especially a country or cause) from danger, and who is regarded with the veneration of a religious figure.
    synonyms:rescuer, liberator, deliverer, emancipator; More
    champion, knight in shining armor, friend in need, good Samaritan
    "he was hailed as the country's savior"
    • (in Christianity) God or Jesus Christ as the redeemer of sin and saver of souls.
      noun: Saviour; noun: Savior
       Luke 2:11 - for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.
      We all, being Christians, have agreed to believe in our Lord Christ Jesus as our
      Savior; He has indeed rescued us from lost to found, from dead in our sins to
      alive in His loving care. What has He, in actuality, saved us from?
      The wrath of God the Father.
          The odds of our dieing are 1 in 1. When we die, we will stand before God
      either in the righteousness of Jesus Christ or in our own sinfulness. God, it
      is clear, cannot abide by sin, not even one. To be true to His nature, He must
      punish that sin. In His graciousness, because He loves His creation and His
      son, He provided one, and only one, means for standing before Him sinless-
      due to the work of Jesus on the cross. The sins of the world were piled upon
      His back on that cross as He became the permanent and sufficient sacrifice
      for sin.

      The world.
          It's a mess. It is full of sin and not the creation put into existence by the
      Holy Trinity. It will remain this way until the final day of judgment when 
      Christ judges the world and the new Heaven and the new Earth come into
      existence. Without Christ Jesus, we are targets for the ego-based, pride-based
      thought that we can take care of ourselves in this world, that we can work
      things out on our own, that we are self-sufficient. He has saved us from this
      delusion through His love and understanding.
          We are our own worst enemies. When we look inside ourselves we are
      often deceived, like looking in a fun-house mirror. We see our sinfulness in
      comparison to those around us, we allow ourselves to accept sin as just a human
      mistake, we lie to ourselves about placing work, material possessions, pleasure...
      the list is a long one, before our Love for God. When left to our own devices,
      we are likely to take all the wrong turns, find all the right excuses and end up
      without hope, without purpose and without anyone other than oursleves
      at the center of our lives. Christ Jesus is the answer to all of this because He,
      and He alone, can bring real peace to our existence.
      He is, indeed, our blessed Savior. He stands with arms open, beckoning His
      sheep to come to Him. He knows them by name and they, in turn, answer to
      His glorious voice!
      Praise God!