Saturday, August 23, 2014

Man is ANTI- GOD

23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;  Romans 3: 23

In this short blog I am using ideas which I have been hearing from an Alistair Begg sermon
series entitled "An Extraordinary Encounter." I am using them out of context and mixed throughout these fine sermons because the general idea expressed above hit me like a ton of bricks due to its obvious truth.

Man does not seek God; Man runs away from God. Now this may be something that
many of my Christian brothers and sisters have known for a long time. Want to know why
evangelism is so very difficult? Want to know how people can hear the wonderful news of
the gospel of Jesus Christ and oppose talking about it with a myriad of excuses? Want to know why those you love and cherish may refuse the Word and end up in eternal damnation? The answer, as Mr. Begg expressed it, is that Man has, from birth, within him a dispensation to reject God.  It is part of our sin nature, part of our genetic makeup having been related to the first man and woman who sinned against a Holy God.

So we are faced with an amazing reality; if left to our own devices, we will not reach out
to God. We will actively oppose Him. It's human nature to wish to be separated from
God, to treat ourselves as beings not in need of our very creator. We can get by on our
own, fix things that need to be fixed and figure out our existence through education, science,
material wealth, idols.....  I could certainly go on. But the amazing part? GOD reaches
out to us.

The very God of the universe, the one who saw our coming into existence within the
womb, the one who, within the Godhead, devised a plan, the only possible plan, that
would lead to salvation for His created,  He initiates our acceptance of the plan! 
He woos us, He reaches for us, He sends His son into time to die upon a cross so that
we might share in His fatherhood.... yet, without His initiative, we will run the other
way and come up with a million trite excuses to ignore the good news. 

It's truly an amazing fact that this loving, Father God, who will not overlook our
sinfulness and who is prepared to bring it to full account, has done what only this Loving
Father can do, He has become the initiator of the only means to avoid condemnation
and be reconciled.

Praise God!