Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It'll all come out in the wash! (God's wash)

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

Problems! They just seem to happen, don't they. We all experience them, so God being
sovereign and in complete control, we know that they are a part of life. Yet, have you
noticed that they don't necessarily come one-at-a-time? Without meaning to sound like a
Morton Salt commercial, it pours, sometimes, when it rains. Just when you think something
else cannot go wrong, oops, it does.

Well, if you've been to my blogs before, you will know that God does, indeed, give us more
than we can handle. Yep, on purpose. You see, we were never meant to depend upon ourselves, John Wayne forgive me, to solve all or even most of life's problems. We aren't
up to the challenge because we weren't supposed to be. If we are able to work out a problem
and come up with a positive solution, it's really because that's what God intended.

Seems like some folks just have more than their share of tough situations. It's really hard
to compare, but I am sure that we all, in God's time, will suffer through times that seem
so very dark and difficult. It helps to have support from family, friends, fellow Christians,
but in the end, we have to depend on God.

Once we become aware that we aren't up to the task(s), we best reach out to Jesus. I would
suggest that we "lean-into" Him, as I heard in a recent sermon. He, Jesus, is the shelter,
the hope, the strength, the comforter, the shepherd that takes care of His flock. He is
willing and able to hear, accept, understand and see our problems to whatever culmination
that God has planned. Not only is Jesus able, He is aware and waiting for our calls
for help. It is what He does. He is Jesus.  

So, go ahead, lean on Him. Let His loving arms embrace you and lessen your burdens.
Let Him guide you to more still waters and rest for your troubled soul. It's what scripture
tells us to do. That makes it the truth, and when it comes to difficult life problems, that
truth, and only that truth, will set you free.

Praise our loving God!