Friday, March 14, 2014

Thank heaven for Google Translate! CHRIST JESUS IS SUFFICIENT!!!!

Jesús es suficiente!

Jezus is genoeg!

Jésus est assez!

Jesus ist genug!

Ο Ιησούς είναι αρκετό!

ישו זה מספיק!

Iesu yn ddigon!


Jesus är nog!

Иисус достаточно!

Jesus é o suficiente!

예수님은 충분하다!

Jesus sat est?   

Gesù è sufficiente!
No matter what the language, the message remains the same: Jesus Christ is enough!
He is bigger than your biggest problem, bigger than your biggest fear, bigger than your
most egregious sin, bigger than bank account balances, bigger than harsh words,
bigger than feuds between friends or family, bigger than any physical ailment, bigger,
yes bigger than death, bigger than Satan, bigger than the strongest sorrow, the
biggest loss the grandest temptation.....

Jesus is all you will ever need. Ask Him to be the center of your life, repent sins
and glorify Him. He is humble; yet, strong. He is loving; yet, powerful. He is a servant; yet,
a King. His shoulders are strong, His heart is huge. His patience is forever. He is
God, King, High Priest and Savior. 

Praise His glorious name!