Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where is this Prince of Peace?

Horrific events this day as many many children were senselessly gunned down
in Pakistan. There is something so very sad about children being the victims, whether
it's Sandy Hook or Pakistan; it just hurts so much. 

It makes one think about the secular words so often associated now with Christmas;
'peace on earth, good will to men.' A quick look at history will clearly show that there
has been NO sustained peace on earth either before or after Jesus was born, died
on a cross and ascended to heaven. So what of this peace on earth? What of this Prince
of Peace?

First and foremost it is important to remember that Jesus Christ came to this world
to bring the good news of salvation for those chosen by God and those who would
respond to His open arms of acceptance. It was His first arrival; there will be a second!

The world was created good by a God that knows no evil. The world was cast into sin
and dysfunction by the first people turning their backs on God, disobeying Him and
changing this world in which we live to something it was not meant to be. Jesus came
with a task of explaining God's plan for reconciliation and becoming a perfect sacrifice
for the propitiation of sin and the defeat of death, Satan and sin. He accomplished
this task through the cross and His resurrection.

He did not, however, leave things in a perfect state. We are in that time period when
the word of the gospel is being spread and taught with the intent of bringing as many
into God 's adopted family as possible. Whatever theory one subscribes to about the
end times, it all points to nastiness. I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that we
have arrived.

Knowing Christ can bring the peace of relationship between people, it can being the
inner peace that can only come with the changes that come about in ones life after
being raised from sin into Christ. The peace on earth we all yearn for can only be
achieved by the return of this King, at which time all weapons of anger and war will
be thrown into disuse, the lion will lie down with the lamb and there will be one
rule; the Kingship of Jesus Christ on a new earth and a new heaven

I would suggest that you join me in praying for all who continue to suffer from
senseless violence and for the immediate return of the King of Kings. Only
He can deliver what was meant to be. He created it once and He will create it
again and sustain it for all eternity.

Praise God!