Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What of this baby?

Ready to rev up the imagination? We are wise men, far traveled from the east, who have
asked Herod the whereabouts of the baby child, king of the Jews. We, having then left
this troubled man, have come upon the site of the child and mother, Mary. Nothing so
unusual about this baby.... or is there?

We may be using our imagination, but we bave the benefit of two thousand plus years
of hindsight so we know that this baby is none other than God. This baby is resting in
a humble location that He created. The fact is that this baby created all that is.

This baby has come on a mission of salvation, salvation not only for sinners but
for the entire broken world, a mission that He, and only He, could ever accomplish.
This baby has always existed. He was alive before this incarnation, He lives today
and will live and reign forever! He has come as the second Adam to fulfill the law,
to live righteously and to lift the veil that has separated mankind from God.

Speaking of man and God, He is both! Also He is Lord of the cosmos. This bright
star and all the stars that light the sky are created by Him, held in place
by Him and He knows them each by name.

This tiny babe will impact the history of the world like no other. He will deliver
the message of Good News, die as a curse on a tree and rise victorious over death,
sin and the evil one.

He is God who cries, God who dies, God who cares, God who forgives, a God who

loves and, of course, God who will reign for eternity.

This tiny babe is the Lord, Christ Jesus. Not just any baby. The baby!

Wise men shall gift Him, sinners should thank Him and all created should
honor, praise and adore Him!

Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!