Friday, January 20, 2017

Sin: the ultimate curse word!

Many do not recognize the word, sin. Many ignore it and feel it is over-emphasized. The problem is that we, with the exception of one born of woman, have a sin nature. It's with us at conception, handed down over the entire world genealogy right to us. It is the curse of all curses because it ultimately leads to an end that wasn't supposed to happen: death.

Why is death so terrible, so frightening, so swept under the rug for most of our lives? Because it is un-natural. We weren't created to die. Yet, and this makes my English teacher sensibility cringe: the wages of sin is death. The outcome of having, through Adam and Eve, disobeyed a God who cannot accept any sin, is that we physically must die. We can ignore it, take crazy measures to avoid it but, nevertheless it will be an end to the physical existence of all of us.

A lot of folks just cannot understand why someone else down the street who REALLY does bad things is in trouble while we, for the most part good people, can't just be good enough on a sliding scale to have God excuse us into heaven. Yet, we are all cursed and that curse cannot be overcome by ourselves. We are trapped by the very sin nature that condemned us in the first place.

Well, God knew about all of this. He knew that His created, having sinned and thus been placed away from His presence, would have to have an intervention for things to get fixed. You know what happened, though it is almost too amazing to understand. God sent God into this broken world to fix things, permanently. It was no easy fix! It involved giving the Son of God up to those He came to save to be put to death. Things looked hopeless. Even those who had followed Him were convinced that the end had come to their dream. But He, through the power of the Holy Spirit, was resurrected into life eternal, having broken the curse of sin, death and Satan forever.

Now God is in the process of trying to save us from ourselves. In the end, we have the ultimate choice to make. We can accept the gift of salvation, have our heinous sins forgiven for all time, be adopted into God's family and presence, or.... we can refuse. Refuse. May God forbid!

He saved us from His wrath. In a real sense, He is trying to save us from ourselves. 
Think it through. Do not wait. We do not know what tomorrow may bring. It is an eternal decision.

Praise our loving God!!