Monday, July 11, 2016

To Whom am I praying?

One of the things that immediately struck me as I began really praying for the first time in my life was the confusion over who exactly I was praying to. God, of course, but the whole trinity thing made it a bit confusing.

The Lord's Prayer, offered by Jesus, Himself, as a model prayer is certainly and clearly a prayer to God the Father. The more in depth I get in this Christian work, the less I find myself using this prayer, although aspects of inclusion are important when I do pray to the Father. It is a prayer of recognition of God's exalted state, a prayer that asks that His kingdom be realized, a prayer that he would provide protection against the forces of evil and a prayer for our sustenance. 

There are times, however, when I find myself praying to Jesus specifically. A lot of my prayers of thanksgiving are directed at the One who hung on a tree, selflessly, for all who would become part of the family of God. His Incarnation, His teaching, His death and Resurrection all factor into prayers that praise Him for doing what no other person has ever done and thereby providing a way to God for sinners like myself, undeserving thou I am.

When Jesus went to be with the Father, His Ascension, He sent His Holy Spirit to be with us, here on earth. Weirdly, this is the person of God that I most often find myself with in prayer. I am always pleading with Him to help me combat the sin that beckons me daily, asking that He help me because there is no way I can combat this on my own. When I begin each day, it is often in commune with The Spirit asking for protection and behavior that would reflect the glory of God and not grieve Him.

I used to worry about breaking these prayers down into different persons of God, but I have become more comfortable with the belief that they all sort of funnel into a similar place. I would hope that any of the Three would understand my love and dependence upon Them and that any mistaken directive would be shared within God's identity.

The bottom line is that we have been given the privilege of communicating with this wondrous God and we need to use that opportunity as the blessing that it truly is. Have you prayed today to each of the Three? It might be something you would enjoy; I know that I do!

Praise our God!