Friday, May 6, 2016

How to kill your own zombie

For whatever the reason, Zombies never really scared me as a kid. They would be in
movies, etc. and I would simply find it ridiculous that anyone could, having been dead,
get up and walk awkwardly toward anything that seemed like food. Why would they
be hungry? Why could you only kill them with a bullet to the head when they were
already dead?

Well, it turns out that zombies are actually very very frightening because all of us have had first-hand experience being one. That's right. Zombie. Walking around this world, dead.
In our cases, unlike those in the movies, we are talking about spiritually dead. That
state of being describes each of us, descendants from Adam, full of sin and dead,
spiritually.  That would mean that 100% of those born of mothers into this world
arrive dead.

The big problem is that we cannot make ourselves alive, again. Try as we might,
doing the best that we can, doing what we feel is good and honorable just won't
make the grade. We can't fix this.

Through God's grace, here is a solution and a way that we can be made alive. It is
through acceptance in the redeeming work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross.
He said, as you remember, that we need to be born again, baptized by the Holy
Spirit into true life with Jesus. There is no application necessary, here, no
references, no resume. No one will be offended by the fact that you walk with very
stiff movements, unable to talk real clearly due to your zombie-ness. The fact
is that God, through His abounding grace, is calling for you to come. 

Our biggest problem as zombies is that we actually have the tendency to turn
in the opposite direction. We flee this life-changing, potentially eternal offer
because we are programmed to avoid God. Well, we would be better off being
shot in the head than to turn down life everlasting with God.

So take off those rags, loosen up and respond to God's call. Tell Him, from
your knees that you are a sinner in need of Grace and the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. Now would be a great time!

Praise our God.