Thursday, November 5, 2015

From where we were.. to where we are...

Psalm 19: 1

The Heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands!

Many years ago, with a very close friend, I traveled from Columbus, Ohio were to
Portland, Oregon to visit his sister and family. Having never been west of
Dayton, Ohio, it was an eye-opening experience!

We stopped in South Dakota and camped in the Black Hills area. In the late
hours of the night, I happened to climb out of the tent and happened to look up.
What I saw, for the only time in my life, was are vast array of stars visible when
there is no ambient light. To this day, I  can recall my thoughts as I stood there
gazing upward.

I feel so small!
I am insignificant!

That was it. Even though I was looking at what may be the most awesome display
of God's creative work, He did not even cross my mind. If someone had asked me
about Jesus, I would have had no answers. Who is Jesus? My answers would have
been like those who do not know Him. What has He done for you? What do you
owe this Jesus? I wouldn't have known how to respond.

Now, if I could take a road trip and find the same area, if I could once again look
upward at the heavens and stars, my reaction would be different.

I feel so small!
I am significant.

Jesus is my Lord, my King and my everything. I owe this Jesus everything!
In my life, Jesus has done everything!

Our God is glorious and through the Holy Spirit changes us from within!
Praise God!