Wednesday, June 24, 2015

There WILL be tears in heaven

He will wipe away every tear form their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there
be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.
Revelation 21: 4

Well, I am about to do something quite questionable, I am about to go against scripture.
Let me, therefore, preface this blog with an affirmation that I believe in my heart that
the scriptures are breathed out by God, are immutable and completely accurate. I
believe that they are living truth and that they are absolutely important!

That being said, since this is the blog-o-sphere, I will choose to write that tears
of joy will be prevalent in heaven, a place that we really know so little about and which
is revealed only in sparseness. Jesus actually speaks more of Hell, in His three year
ministry than He does about heaven. Regardless, I have several reasons why there
will be abundant tears of absolute joy when we die and are met by Christ along the way

That, in itself, is reason one! I simply cannot imagine coming face to face with the Lord,
the one who hung upon that tree, cursed, without tears flowing from our eyes and our
hearts. Dry eyes? C'mon now.

To see loved ones that we have missed since their passing, family members and friends
that we loved, will be a very emotional moment. The relationships we have with them
may be different, but out love for them and our memories of times with them, will generate feelings of profound relief in seeing them, and joy in being reunited.

To be in a state of freedom from sin, oh how that will feel! It will be the end of a constant
battleground, one which we simply cannot leave until we are truly victorious over death
and this earthly life. Jesus did it all on that cross, and His Resurrection affirmed His
conquest over sin, death and the evil one!

Then there is the fact that we will have turned the corner from faith, provided
by God to the realization that we have, indeed arrived at our home with the very
God who created us and whose love has successfully completed out time in
this broken world.

pass those tissues, please. Cry I will and cry I shall because what could be
more appropriate for the generation of tears than the love of this God?